New Filters in Company Grid and email feature for contacting old customers

We recently updated the existing list of filters for the company grid, to include filters for “last event”. This is particularly useful for looking up customers or clients who you have done service for in the past, but have not seen recently. Reconnecting with customers, even those without an immediate need for your services, is quite a valuable tool in generating more business.

There are two parts to the feature, and they work together. One is the filter itself, which lets you see a list of customers who you have not seen within a certain time frame, or have only last seen before a certain date. The other feature is a mail button that allows you to email each customer on the filtered list with an email indicating the last time you have seen them, and any other custom letter info you want to include.

The grid, showing the drop down of available filters:



And the pre-populated email screen invoked by clicking the green mail icon:



In a later post I will explain the email template system in detail. This allows users to create their own custom email templates for various common emails like follow-up, introduction, service reminder, invoice reminder, etc.